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Mrs B’s Cakes specialise in wedding cakes and cupcakes with a modern vintage style, and would love to bake for you!  Mrs B’s award winning cakes are freshly baked to order from her kitchen in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

As with most bakers, Mrs B has a great passion for making her wedding cakes taste and look fabulous, and makes a point of quality testing each recipe, yum! Cake flavours are rich and fresh, the décor vibrant and she loves nothing more than being given a free reign to be creative with the wedding cake design brief.

You can choose from a large range of our favourite flavours such as blueberry with white chocolate, Belgian chocolate, spiced apple and blackberry crumble, or suggest one of your own of course.

Mrs B will help you design a wedding cake so beautiful inside and out that you’ll be proud to share it with your guests – if you can bear to cut into it! She works through the whole process with you from initial design thoughts of how you’d like your wedding cake to look and the all-important taste, to the final finer details as your wedding day approaches.